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The information presented on this website has been carefully compiled by OnBoards L.L.C.. OnBoards L.L.C. does not accept any liability regarding the correctness and completeness of the texts, rates, and calculations. The information presented here is not intended as replacement of professional advice, and no rights can be derived from it. The use of the offered information is at the risk of the user.




The maker and owner (OnBoards L.L.C.) does not accept any liability for suffered (consequential) damage as the result of the use of purchased products via https://onbikes.co. Besides liability for all of the above, we do not accept any liability for other consequences of looking at and using our site and/or products supplied by us.


You also need to take into account:


Personal opinion


Texts and publications are based on the personal opinion of the owner. Since no-one knows everything, we do not pretend to offer anything but a personal opinion. We therefore ask you to treat these texts as a personal opinion, instead of truths. In case we use words such as “advice”, it is also solely about personal opinion.




Our publications may contain errors. Errors can be the result of incorrect sources or an incorrect interpretation of sources. However, we do not exclude any other way of making mistakes.


Hyperlinks to other websites


If you look at a page from a third party, through a hyperlink on this site, this information is provided to that third party mentioned on the page. OnBoards L.L.C. therefore accepts no liability regarding the content on these websites.




Our publications might be incomplete. The authors reserve the right to create a selection of the available information based on their own ideas, and publish this. Our sources might also be incomplete.


Time of publication


Late or no publication. This might be a reason why information is not current, or not completely applicable.


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