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Shocking Pollution Facts That Are Disturbing

Shocking Pollution Facts That Are Disturbing

From land to water, air to noise, thermal to visual, pollution is all over the world and it seems like nothing we do is enough to prevent the Earth from doom.

Whether you like it or not, pollution is the most ignored concepts in the modern world. So, here are some facts about pollution that will shock and might raise some awareness too.

  • 1: Pollution affects more than 100 million people worldwide and also leads to some of the major deaths. From traffic to noise, it is causing mental, physical, and other health issues in humans and other living beings too.
  • 2: You will be amazed to know that there are more than 1 billion people who don’t have access to clean water. As a result, 5000 people die every day from drinking unclean water. Now that’s shocking!!
  • 3: Pollution is spreading at a faster rate. Water has been affected the most and the seabirds and mammals are dying every year on a large scale close to 100 million and it is increasing day by day.
  • 4: The air pollution is increasing in the high-density areas. Thus, the risks of lung cancer, congestion, and other breathing related diseases have increased by 20% in the metro cities.

Remember the Smog Disaster in London that happened in 1952. It killed 4000 people approximately due to the high concentration of pollution. And since then, pollution has only increased which is alarming.

  • 5: Approximately 46% of lakes in America are polluted to the extent that they are not appropriate for fishing, swimming, or even the aquatic life.
  • 6: the United States of America uses 25% of the natural resources of the world and they are producing 30% of the world’s waste. Hence, sustainable cities efforts are going in vain to reduce the amount of pollution.
  • 7: In 2001, the red tide event involving the toxic algal blooms affected almost 15000 km sq. offshore waters around China. The algal bloom is an important component of the fertilizers and it affected such a large area of water negatively. Even the coastal areas of the Philippines and Thailand were affected by the phenomenon.
  • 8: there are known 200 dead zones in the world ocean which are deprived of the supply of oxygen. Hence life doesn’t exist there. And the fact is that the amount is the area is doubled after every decade since 1960.
  • 9: No matter at what rate the population of the world increases, more than 3 billion children under the age of 5 dies every year due to the environmental factors. And another fact is that children make up 10% of the world population. As you can see almost 40% of the global burden of disease falls on the kids.
  • 10: Most of you might have heard it that there is a Great Pacific Garbage Patch that is floating in the Pacific Ocean which is as large as the USA or maybe bigger.

As congestion is rising in sustainable cities, more resources are exploited in the world which is leading to the degradation of the planet. So, you better start taking small steps like do your hand for traffic, water, and air so that our planet can survive for a little bit longer.

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