Onbikes.co | Saving time and covering the last mile with electric scooters

Saving time and covering the last mile with electric scooters

Saving time and covering the last mile with electric scooters


Walking is healthy.


But honestly, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t mind eliminating the daily walk to and from the train station, and stay 10 minutes longer in the gym, instead — if such a trade were on the table.


I’ve done a bit of research among my London-dwelling friends, and the average commute using public transport looks like this:

  • Walk from home to train/tube/bus station: 7 minutes
  • Time between punching in and out on public transport: 22 minutes
  • Walk from destination station to work: 5 minutes


This means that on an average day, there’s a total of (7+5)*2 = 24 minutes of (usually unpleasant) walking time.


What would this look like if you, instead of walking, had an electric scooter? You’d step on, hold down a button, and quietly whiz on the pavement to your destination.


An electric scooter moves you along at three times your normal walking speed. When there’s a lot of people around you, this goes down to twice your usual speed.


This means, you’re cutting down your daily walking time from 24 to 12 minutes at the very least.


That may not sound much, but per month, that adds up to 4 hours and 18 minutes, which is over 52 hours per year.


I believe that every minute in life counts. Every minute less spent commuting is time you can dedicate to work, to love, to books, to music, to family, to beauty.


Join me in the urban revolution and take off on an electric scooter. It’s lightweight, foldable, and environmentally friendly. You can detach the battery and charge it wherever there’s an electrical outlet. And it has such a sturdy build that it withstands any uneven pavement (it even smoothens out a ride over cobblestones) and braves all British weather conditions.


I see you onboard!

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