The Mad Wheels Pro has come to change the game, this ebike comes directly from the big leagues where the most powerful ebikes gather together. It brings with it all the things you were looking after on a premium electric bicycle and you didn’t know you needed till you meet the Mad Wheels Pro. Command the streets with it’s powerful presence and go far and beyond relying on it’s smooth yet strong ride.



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-Ideal for adventurers of the road, this ebike fits perfectly to people who are looking for a strong electric bicycle and want to feel safe while riding yet rely on it – The Mad Wheels Pro won’t let you down


-Take advantage of the pedalling assist system – 5 speeds / 8 shimano gears! Go far and beyond without getting exhausted


-Enjoy the pedalling assist plus throttle control, just in case you need an extra help 😉


-It’s big wheels, suspension and gel seat ensure a unique pleasant riding experience you have never felt before. Forget about painful knees!


-The Mad Wheels Pro counts with a super strong frame which is super easy to fold thanks to it’s easily folding mechanism – Go on holidays with your Mad Wheels Pro, unfold it in 2 mins and you are ready to explore even more!

Samsung Battery

48V - 14Ah


25 km/h – 15 mph


65 Km – 40 mi


250 Watts

Charging time

6 - 8 hours



5 speed modes

Easily foldable

Easily foldable

Max load


Stronger alloy


-Adjustable seat and handlebar ensures comfort for riders between 1.5 and 2mts
-No assembly needed

Battery inside

This distinctive feture ensures more protection for the battery and makes the frame stronger as it’s built inside plus makes the battery totally waterproof.

This distinctive feture ensures more protection for the battery and makes the frame stronger as it’s built inside plus makes the battery totally waterproof.

Front fork suspension

Lockout suspension

The front fork suspension ensures a more comfortable ride and provides the rider better control of the bicycle – better traction when cornering, even braking. This allows for faster riding on rough roads that are downhill, or flat.


You can use a lockout feature while cycling on the road or probably a steep hill, this will improve the pedaling efficiency.

Rear hub motor

Off road tyres

The 250W rear hub motor can provide a thrilling experience and it’s also well known for it’s efficiency, it’s mechanical power goes directly into the tire-road interface and there are no real efficiency losses there.


The Mad Wheels Pro off-road tyres which gives the rider extra comfort and stability when riding, this absolutely makes a big difference between our Big guy and other ebikes.

LCD display

Thumb shifter

The LCD display will provide your current speed, average speed, maximum speed, remaining battery percentage, clock, total as well as single trip distances. You also have the option to choose the assist level for your Pedal Assist Sensor.


The thumb shifter is the most user friendly system which allows the cyclist to shift a large number of gears in a single action. This makes them useful in unpredictable riding circumstances such as rush hour traffic.

Mechanical disc brakes

Back rear rack

The disc brakes are definetly on of the best things of the

Mad Wheels Pro – security first, disc brakes generate an incredible braking power and also provide consistent braking, so you’ll be able to judge more accurately how much force to apply to the brake lever to get the desired amount of braking.


And last but not least, the rear rack feature!

You need some way to easily carry more than just yourself, so why not having some extra help?

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