Onbikes.co | Faq

Yes! Our bikes were designed for delivery riders and are adaptable for everyone
and everywhere.

If you would like to rent one of our bikes, come to our store! We’ll give you the best
advice and match you with your perfect partner!

We want you out and about safely as soon as possible, that’s why we added a few extras to your benefits to make that possible. Included in your plan is: - 24/7 access to your Onbikes e-bike - Battery charger - Full warranty & customer support - Safety Induction - Accessories included - lights and phone holder

Absolutely! We offer a variety of payment alternatives in case you want to buy your own bike. Alternatively, we have a “Rent-to-Own” option, where you can own the bike in just two months at the end of the lease. Check out the pricing page to learn more.

Yes! Our bikes are available for rent or purchase only at our store, so we encourage everyone to come try them! We offer free test rides for you to experience the bikes firsthand

Warranty repairs and servicing are included in your subscription. You can just reach out to our store and we'll take care of your bike, or you can also contact us through our Whatsapp or email.

All our products are CE certified and meet all the necessary requirements to be sold and used in the UK and EU

No! Unlike other similar companies, with our “Rent-to-Own” and “Buy now” systems, you only have to pay the eBike and not a penny more!