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6 Great Reasons to Buy an Electric Scooter

6 Great Reasons to Buy an Electric Scooter

You may be wondering whether buying an electric scooter is the right choice for you. We’ve put together six good reasons why it definitely is.



  1. It’s cheaper than all alternatives, bar walking and cycling

Tube at rush hour: £2.90

Bus: £1.50

Santander Bikes: £2

Uber: £8 per 15 minute trip

Car: Don’t get us started.

Owning your own electric scooter: £0.40 per full battery charge, which lasts you up to 15 miles


  1. It’s the environmentally friendliest solution – again, bar walking and cycling.

A standard petrol car emits 186g of CO2 per km. An electric vehicle emits 60g. Even taking the London tube is 37.6 grams, broken down by passenger! It turns out that hauling a lot of metal through a tunnel eats up a lot of energy, even if it carries a big load of passengers.

And an electric scooter? 7.9g.


  1. No sweat

A bike or a normal, mechanic scooter are perfect for the weekend when you want to add in a dash of exercise. But during the week, when you’re wearing nice clothes, arriving sweaty at work is just a bad idea – no matter if you shower at work (ugh) or carry your scent into the meeting room (double-ugh).


  1. You save time

Hands up, who likes their daily walk to and from the train station? Thanks, we thought so. Shortening the time spent commuting on foot brings you 50+ hours saved per year that you can spend on work, books, music, love, family – this time is yours now. We ran the maths!


  1. It’s social

Everyone can get on. Electric Scooters are inclusive! No one gets left behind — from kids to granddad, the whole family can enjoy a low-emission ride and discover new places together.


  1. It’s pretty bloody cool

Most electric scooter users have reported a certain smugness when snaking their way through crowds of people who still move by setting one foot in front of another. We don’t endorse any undeserved feeling of superiority, but can totally see where these futuristic commuters are coming from.


Did we whet your appetite? How about scheduling a test ride with Onboards? Get in touch and we tell you where is the most convenient place for you to experience the magic yourself!

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